NITECORE - UM10 Battery Charger

NITECORE - UM10 Battery Charger


Make charging those batteries a breeze with the UM10 Vape Battery Charger!

This compact, convenient, battery charger is designed to charge 10440-, 14500-, 16340 (RCR123)-, 17500-, 17670-, 18350-, 18490-, and 18650- batteries safely and efficiently.


With a space-saving design and a handy stand for the USB Cable, the UM10 Vape Battery Charger is both un-obtrusive and simple to store away. The battery status is monitored constantly and can be viewed via the clear LCD display on the front of the device, indicating the level of charge.

It's even possible to charge your mobile phone or similar device through USB at the same time as charging your battery, and you can choose which charging device is given priority using the simple switch at the top of the battery charger.

The UM10 Vape Battery Charger features integrated protection in the form of microprocessor control, so it will not charge any non-rechargeable batteries and will switch off automatically if at risk of overheating. It also has a reversed polarity protection system, providing you safe-charging at all times, and the ultimate peace of mind.

Batteries to be purchased separately.

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