Without the power of a battery, your vaping device simply won’t work. The batteries required for your device(s) are not the usual AA/AAA batteries you’ll find in your local store. You need the right type of battery and more importantly, the right type of charger that will recharge them safely and reliably.

Be sure to also check out our Battery and Coil Safety Guide to keep yourself safe and others around you.

For your safety, we STRONGLY recommend you protect your batteries when they are not in use with https://www.vaperetailer.co.uk/vaping-hardware/kits-and-bundles/?types=Battery+Cases>Battery Cases.

Our batteries and chargers are supplied only from the most reputable UK vape wholesalers. All chargers sold by us is backed by a 12 month warranty so rest assured we have only the best rated on our shelves! If you do not have any of these items, make sure you get batteries, a battery storage case or sleeve and a charger to get started.
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